AmsterJAM 2024 - the 22nd edition

Saturday July 27 & Sunday July 28

Zandvoort Beach
the Netherlands



Playersmeeting and registration for the tournament is on the beach, saturday at 14:00 hrs. Sunday we will also meet at 14:00 hrs.

We will do one round of pairs on sunday. Leaving us maximum JAM time on both days.

Tournament venue:
- Zandvoort beach (Go straight ahead when coming from Zandvoort train station and you will see us)

Zandvoort beach
(By train about 30 minutes from Amsterdam, 15 minutes from Haarlem and about 50 minutes from the airport)
Registration: On the spot (Just join:)

In case of stormy weather we can be found at the indoor backup
Korver sportshal on sunday (ONLY!)

Korver sporthal:
Duijntjesveldweg 1, Zandvoort (Bus 81. Stop: Thomsonstraat)


If you like AmsterJAM, please support us by making a donation.

Where can you stay?
You will have to book your own hotel or studio. I recommend staying in a studio (house).
Make sure to BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for Zandvoort is a very popular holiday village!
You could search a hotel or studio/B&B here
/ here  

Looking forward to 'Z'ing YOU!

With 'Z's,
AmsterJAM Iwan (TD)

Visitors info:

AmsterJAM impressions: made by Tom Leitner

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Freestyle frisbee is a dynamic sport appealing to both young-and-old.
During AmsterJAM you will see skills that are the result of multiple years, often decades, intense training.

If you are not so skilled yet? You are even more encouraged to join or come and see AmsterJAM.

One can do more with a frisbee than most of us can imagine!

Come and see us manipulate the frisbee if you don't believe me.

For now you could check out the AmsterJAM archive at the top of this page for more pics and movies.

And/or check out AmsterJAM @